Holistically – Advantages of using UniOneApp

UniOneApp saves your the stress, error and hassle of processing your international universities admission. The entire process a lot simpler with UniOneApp.

Benefit from the experience our admission counselors have gathered our the years. Hundreds of students like you have been helped avoid pit-falls in the past. It’s your turn to get assisted.

As new laws and regulations are enforced, study abroad application become increasingly more complex, hence more students use UniOneApp to navigate the admission hurdles –  (eg. Three out of every four students admitted in English schools and almost half of all international university students used the services like UniOneApp. )

With UniOneApp, you are able to find the most affordable rate to study for the longest period of time.

— After speaking with our admission counselor, if you are not 100% assured that UniOneApp has your best interests at heart, you can choose another service to use.

Students use UniOneApp because they trust us and the experience of our admission counselors. International students feel comfortable and confident with us.


Before Application – Benefits of using UniOneApp

— There are so many countries to study abroad in. So, it can sometime be a headache to decide on one. UniOneApp admission counselors can your complete research or research for you to find the best country that fits your needs. 

Whether you know what you want to study or not, UniOneApp admission counselors can help you refine your decision.  They will as well assist you to find the right institution for the course you want.

Before your application is processed, our admission counselors also expose you to other options and alternative to the courses and degree programs you want for you to make the best decision.

You might want a country but might not be eligible due to certain immigration rules. UniOneApp admission counselors will perform an immigration assessment to provide you with advise for each country visa process.

UniOneApp admission counselors are experts in the local market and the education industry. They can provide invaluable information about the local area. Through them, you discover more about the schools and countries.


During Admission Processing – Why you should use UniOneApp

information you need about the application process and what studying in Australia is really like.

They can assist students to complete the schools application forms and can convert the letter of offer to a confirmation of enrollment

will deal directly with the institution on your behalf, which will take some of the work out of the application process for you.

Guidance in assessing whether students will receive recognition for their study in Australia from institutions in their home country.

Agents are aware of school specials (cheaper priced courses) that students may not know about. Different schools and institutions may offer cheaper course prices, at different times throughout the year. Agents might be able to give you advice any current school specials.

UniOneApp admission counselors research and provide accurate information about the courses and schools. If they don’t know an answer, they go find out for you. They won’t lie about what they don’t know.


After Admission – You will be glad to have used UniOneApp

Converting the letter of offer to a confirmation of enrollment

Assist students to select the best visa, course or school for their specific requirements.

Provide a breakdown of visa requirement

Education agents may also help you apply for a student visa.


Before Traveling – UniOneApp will still be around assisting you

They can provide invaluable information about the local area and inform students about institutions that they may not have known about.

Verify you have the accurate doc File any visa or school application with incorrect or misleading information

They can provide accommodation 

Assistance in travel preparation

Assist students in choosing the best place to live and assisting in finding accommodation

Many education agencies also employ the services of a Registered Migration Agent who can assist with the processing of a student visa application.

Provide a pre-departure orientation to ensure you are all set with the required information for your trip away.
Ensure that our participants have their travel arrangements organized prior to departure


After Arrival – We are always an email or whatsapp away

Many education agencies also employ the services of a Registered Migration Agent who can assist with the processing of a student visa application.

Advice on local public transport

They can provide  advice on find job in a particular country.

Assistance opening an Australian bank account

Assistance in resume preparation

Assist students in registering  in courses with articulation agreements with leading universities in Australia



Qualified education agents can make the application process a lot smoother and easier, so it is a great option to use one if you are unsure about applying for an institution. The main thing to remember when using an education agent is to keep your needs in mind and make sure that they are being considered and met by the agent. Try to explore as many options as possible to ensure that you can make an informed decision and that your agent is qualified and accredited