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What will UniOneApp do for you?

After submitting your application form and required application documents:

1. Swift Admission Processing: Our staff will quickly contact the admission board of the universities you chose and quickly get your admission letter processed.

2. Scholarship Application: Our staff will also apply to and process the university awarded scholarships on your behalf. For external non university based scholarships, you will have to apply for those yourself.

3. Visa Assistance: After admission, the next major thing is visa. If you chose the Premium application package, our staff will also be there to assist you when its time for visa application.

4. Before and After Travelling: For those with Premium application package, our staff will still be assisting you after getting your admission letter, visa, also before and after you travel to your study abroad country.

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Do you need help understanding anything concerning your application? Then send us an email with the details below to get in touch with an admission counselor for free. Our experienced admission counselors are available to guide you through the whole application and admission process.

Send an email to [email protected] Provide answers to the details below in your email.

Full Name:
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Degree Program (Example: Undergraduate – International Law):
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Once we received your email with the details above, we will be able to assist you.


Admission Process – How to Get Admitted

1. Decide to study abroad – visit

2. Check the list of universities and countries around the world.

3. Review their degree programs, requirements, tuition fees & other costs, accommodation, visa process, enrollment fees, etc….

4. From your discovery in step 3 above, decide on a school.

5. Fill and submit the online application form.

6. Send an email to the email address provided to confirm your application.

7. One of admission counselors will contact you through email or whatsapp to confirm your university and degree program choices.

8. Your application gets processed and you quickly get your admission or invitation letter.

9. With your documents, quickly and easily process your student visa.

10. Travel and arrive on campus to begin your study abroad journey.

Congratulation, it’s that simple.

Visit to start your study abroad journey.

UniOneApp experienced admission counselors are available to assist you every step of the way.



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