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Since 2015, and having made giant strides and progress, GlobalUni through its various international student catering platforms such as UniOneApp, CyprusUni and many others, continues to break new grounds in making quality, affordable education accessible to all aspiring students worldwide.

However, this gigantic task cannot be effectively and successfully accomplished alone. Hence, GlobalUni continues to collaborate with students, individuals, schools (remedial, high schools, professional institutions, pre-universities), EduFirms (all kinds of agencies/consultancy that interact with students of any academic level) and universities in various capacities to provide quality study abroad and scholarship opportunities to students of all academic levels across the globe.

Currently serving over 2000 international students each month through our various platforms, it’s our desire to do even more and reach a greater number of students with the good news of affordable, quality education with scholarship from high ranking universities in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas.

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Why Become a UniOneApp Partner

It’s Easy, Stress-free & Fun

Just talk to interested students or place links online. Send them to us to apply, and you are done. We provide info, forms, content, referral links, beginners training, graphics & banners. 

Experienced Counselors

Since 2015, experienced in serving international students, our admission counselors are adapted to understanding students needs and addressing them in the most effective manner.

Start & Run your own Business

Hundred of partners testify of how our partnership changed their financial conditions. Whether you are employed or unemployed, this is a great means to financial freedom.

Great Support for you

Your success is our success, hence we have multiply partnership coordinators and counselors to support you, ensuring that you have all the resources and answers you need to succeed.

Earn & Grow Alternative Income

Even if you don’t want a side business but want extra income for yourself, school, or company; UniOneApp partnership is still one of the best choice for your financial independence.

Promote Quality Service

Better services mean easier sales for you! Also, promoting a trusted brand will surely increase your own credibility. Why do students love us? Because we deliver on our promises.

Regular Monthly Payment

For partnering with us in achieving our vision of making quality education accessible for international students worldwide, we reward you each month for the students you send to us.

Special Boosts & Rewards

Needing a sudden boost in income or motivation to do more? UniOneApp usually run contest and competition for its partners. Rewarding the winning partners greatly.

Student Ambassadors Program

UniOneApp student ambassador program is strictly "invite only". This is only for students who have applied for universities using UniOneApp (our alumni). We invite those students who worked well with our admission counselors to cooperate with us strongly in their new university campuses and in their home countries. They will serve as our student ambassadors or references to new students and university institutions. As a member of our UniOneApp Student Ambassadors Program, these chosen students will enjoy many benefits for working to making other students lives better.



Student Recruiters - Individuals / Educators / Bloggers / Social Media Gurus

If you are an individual, this group is for you. If you want to work with us as a company, please use the EduFirms group. Anyone whose application is approved by us can partner with us and make lots of extra income as well. If you can recruit qualified students wishing to study abroad, then you can apply to join.

Anyone can apply - bloggers, webmasters or expert in using forums and social media (students, workers, mums, dads, website owners, bloggers, etc); educators (teachers, teaching assistants, lecturers, counselors) whose line of work regularly involves students of all levels. Our Student Recruiter partnership arm seeks to spread the good news of affordable, quality education in high ranking universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.


EduFirms - Any Agency that Deals with Students

UniOneApp is currently partnering with hundreds of companies, agencies, and consultancies worldwide to process university placements abroad for their employees, clients, and students. No matter your industry categorization, as long as your business has undergraduate and graduate students to send abroad for studies, you can partner with us to simplify the process. In addition, we also reward you with wonderful commissions for sending qualified, extraordinary students our way. And if your agency deals with students such as recruiting, consulting, traveling and educational agencies? Then you will be even more interested in partnering with us one way or the other. Click the button below for more information on how your company/firm can work with us.


Schools Partnership Program

Through our School Partnership Program, we have made contact and are working with secondary high schools, remedial schools, professional institutes, and pre-universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. We provide undergraduate and graduate University Placement to completing students in our participating schools. These students are granted admission in the academic field of their choice in universities of their choice worldwide. We handle all the processing and staffs of participating schools are not required to do anything.

Are you a principal, teacher, administration or staff of a school? Contact us and we will be glad to include your school in our School Partnership Program and provide University Placements for your students.

Register as a School



Partnering Universities

UniOneApp is the university application processing portal belonging to GlobalUnis Tersudult Consult Limited through which our admission counselors process qualified and extraordinary students to study abroad in one of our partnering university of their choice. We partner with quality universities across the globe through our sister websites to help promote our partnering institutions and to recruit quality students wishing to obtain their undergraduate, master and Ph.D. degrees from our prestigious network of quality universities. Our website and partnering sites are ranked on the first page of Google in over 90 countries worldwide. If you are a representative of a university wishing to partner with us, please click below to contact us and we will get back to you.