Last Steps to Complete Your Partnership Application

Your request was successfully submitted. Thank you!

What you should do next is to send us a confirmation message about your request.



We receive multiple requests daily and need to sieve out the serious ones.
Therefore, copy, paste and email us ([email protected]) the text below to confirm your request.



Email Subject:
Confirming My Partnership Application


Email Message:

My name is ……………………………………

I have sent in an application for partnership.

This email is to confirm my intention and inquire if you have gotten my application.

Thank you.


Copy, paste and email us ([email protected]) the text above to confirm your request.


Step 2 — Get Faster Approval (optional)

After sending your email confirmation, you can also send the message below to the partnership team on WhatsApp for faster response.


WhatsApp Message:

My name is ……………………………………

I have sent in an application for the Student Recruiter partnership.


When you contact them on WhatsApp, your partnership application will be reviewed as soon as possible. If you don’t have WhatsApp, use a friend’s phone.

WhatsApp number for this team >>> +233245523858


Step 3 — Activate Your Online Promotion Link (optional but encouraged)

The primary method of submitting students you recruit is by filing and submitting the application form for them with your username/partner Id provided when asked for on the admission application form. OR by asking the students to fill and submit the application form themselves but they are to provide your username/partner Id when asked for on the form.

The secondary method of recruiting students is by activating your online promotion link below and using it to when marketing on social media, website/blog, email or whatsapp. Interested students who click your link are redirected to UniOneApp to apply. When they submit their application, the system marks them as yours. However, you only get paid for them if they complete the admission process after submitting their application; just like every other successful student recruitment.

If a potential applicant clicks your link and comes to UniOneApp, you will still get credited for them even if they didn’t fill their application immediately but came back fifty (50) days (2 months) later to submit their application.


Activate your Online Promotion Link Below