We can do this… together.

#UniversityforEveryone is the plan we’ve coordinated with our partners to increase the opportunities for students to discover universities abroad to enjoy quality education in multi-cultural environments away from their home countries.

It might not seem so, but millions of students who can afford to travel don’t even know about their study abroad options or how to process their admission.

But we’re changing that… together.

Starting in mid 2017, the GlobalUni community accepted the challenge. Since then, together you’ve already exposed over 10,000 students around the world to extraordinary universities world-wide they can afford to study abroad in.

It’s not too late for you to take part in the next student target.

Just imagine over 1,500 students in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and Americas being able to travel to study abroad this year 2019. Many of them currently feel lost and overwhelmed. Not knowing where to start in fighting for their study abroad dreams. Will you help us reach this goal so that UniOneApp can help 1200 students travel to study abroad in this year 2020.