Hello Webmasters and Bloggers,

It is a well known fact that guest blogging is among the most trusted and assured means of getting the much needed quality targeted traffic to your site.

Whether you are online for business or fun, it is also a known fact that it is no fun having a website without significant daily traffic. Traffic is the lifeline of any website or blog.

With this in mind, we have opened our doors to accept guest posts from anyone interested; even if you do not have a popular well known blog. As long as you are willing to commit to our terms below, we will publish your quality guest posts that will send you quality traffic and backlinks.

Why? What does guest blogging do for you?

  1. Brings you traffic. Traffic of good quality with low bounce rate.
  2. Forms a bigger subscriber base.
  3. Gives you backlinks and improves your DA and PA.
  4. Increases your influence, credibility and recognition.
  5. Upgrades your writing skills

What you will get:

  • You are permitted to submit guest post in any niche or category, except adult related niches (sexual contents). If your niche do not fit the audience of MadeItOnline.com, we will post it on one of our high traffic sister sites relevant to your niche. In such occasion, you will be sent a link to where your guest post was published.
  • While most post guest posts permits only one backlink to you, we will permit two quality backlinks. One in the author’s info and one in the content. If you wish, both links could be in the author’s info. However, all backlink must be to your website or social pages. No affiliate links are permitted.
  • Apart from links, you will get direct traffic back to your site when our audience click on your links. So ensure you submit a quality, informative, engaging and compelling content that will cause our readers to want to know more about you and your business.

madeitonline guest post blogging


Submission Terms

  • We have several websites, you can submit for any niche and categories except for adult sites and illegal stuffs.
  • For hobby sites, we screen and publish your guest post for free.
  • For non-hobby sites, we have a guest post publication fee of $30. After you submit the email below, we will contact you about your final content and payment details.
  • Your post must be a minimum of 800 words.
  • Your post must be original and unique. Once published on our site or sister site, you can not be published by you anywhere else without attributing to ours as the first or original. If we find such discrepancies, we will delete your post without warning. This might sound harsh but we have to protect our sites from duplicate content penalties.
  • We reserved the right to edit submitted guest posts to fit our audience and brand. We will try to do this without affecting the intent of the article.
  • By submitting a guest post, you agree that we have the full right to that specific article and can use it on our sites or sister sisters.

Our sale and contribution teams are available to talk to you and to address every need you may have. Send us an email on gwisubmit[at]gmail.com